Toilet Unclogger Liquid

Do you have a clogged toilet? Well if you’ve ever had one you’ll understand how frustrating it is attempting to unclog it. Plunging a toilet requires a lot of upper body strength and if you don’t have the capability or someone else to help you then what do you do? You have two choices. You can either call a professional or you can use toilet unclogger liquid.

Benefits of Using Pure Lye Drain Opener

Pure Lye Drain Opener

There are several benefits to using a liquid to unclog your toilet. One of those benefits is that you won’t ever have to pay for a professional to come to your home and address the problem. A liquid cleaner is more inexpensive too so you can take the money you saved and spend it on something else.

The beautiful thing about Pure Lye Drain Opener is that it’s both industrial strength and biodegradable. Comstar, the creator of Pure Lye, is the versatility. If you only need to use it one time to unclog your toilet you can always use for cold process soap making since it’s made of 100% lye.

Another benefit to using Pure Lye is that it works, unlike the competition. Users that have tried this product before swear by it because of the incredible results.


When to Add Hot Water

When using Pure Lye Drain Opener for unclogging a toilet you don’t want to add hot water to the toilet. The wax ring will melt and cause a leak.

For a popup drain, dump the product into the drain and allow hot water to run. Pure Lye Drain Opener will dissolve the blockage within a moment or two.

For simple drain use follow these basic instructions:

  1. Run hot water to prep pipes.
  2. Pour one cup of Pure Lye down the drain.
  3. Run hot water until the lye is completely dissolved.
  4. Pause for about one minute and run hot water again for another minute and the drain will be unclogged.

What Not to Use Pure Lye Drain Opener On

As it’s made of pure lye, you definitely do not want to get any of the liquid on your skin, in your eyes, up your nose, or in your mouth. Another important note is that you don’t want to have any of the lye come into contact with aluminum or other substances. Take care when combining with water. Lastly, but not least make sure you use it in a well ventilated area. Open a window, a door, or both and if you have one be sure to turn on a ventilation fan. Lye poisoning is nothing to joke about.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Pure Lye Drain Opener is strong stuff! Be sure you wear all the appropriate protective equipment before opening the product. Make sure you at least have rubber gloves and protective eyewear. Do not rely on glasses to protect your eyes alone. Also, if contact to eyes does occur, make sure that you flush out your eyes for at least 15 minutes before doing anything else.

When to Seek Medical Treatment

If you’re room was not properly ventilated when using Pure Lye Drain Opener and you aren’t feeling well be sure to seek medical treatment right away. Symptoms of lye poisoning are: difficulty breathing, sneezing, lung inflammation, swelling of the throat, severe abdominal pain, blood in stool, vomiting (with or without blood present), diarrhea, drooling, vision loss, a rapid decrease in blood pressure, shock, burns and you could even collapse from the exposure.

How Much is Too Much?

A one pound bottle of Pure Lye Drain Opener will clean about two drains. If you need more, the product is available in larger sizes however it should be noted that buying Pure Lye in large quantities can be questionable as lye is an ingredient in making meth. Certainly you don’t want to be arrested under the suspicion of making a meth lab when all you really wanted to do was unclog the drains in your home!

Overall, Pure Lye Drain Opener is an excellent product with much to offer so long as proper safety measures are taken before and during the use. Whether it is for soap making or unclogging a drain, Pure Lye Drain Opener has a proven track record for success.